Keep That Suitcase Handy!

My husband had just returned from an overnight business trip and I realized I was getting ready to pack for a RoadCrew (I’ll explain in a minute!) trip. I’m not quite sure why we even bother taking our suitcases to the basement as they are often full more than empty.

For this particular trip I wouldn’t need much as it was only 2 nights and my most important item needed to be in my purse-my passport! Although our road trip was only 4 hours you can’t enter Canada without one! So what or who is RoadCrew. Bibs, Sparkles and Mitzy. In case you saw any of the Bibs and Mitzy Roadtrip Video from last fall’s adventures you’ll notice we’ve added a new member!

RoadCrew Pics 2015 - 1

Mitzy on the left (me), Sparkles (aka Amanda from A & P Master Images in Utica, NY) and Bibs from Cats in the Attic Cards in New Hartford (aka Sandie) I’m only going to give you a few pics here because the rest I’ll be using in my RoadCrew 2015 video which I’ll need some time to prepare.

Let me summarize a little about what we did. Number 1- I love to plan. Seriously nothing gives me more pleasure than to plan a new itinerary. I’m so nuts I even include departure and arrival times. Oh well, we all have something, eh? That last part was to remind you that we went to Canada…

First off Bibs dropped off Maisie.


Now Bibs and her hubs Guy have always had cats but recently they were asked to care for sweet Maisie as her owners had to return to England. As sad as their parting was it was instant love for Maisie and her new family. She needed someone to look after her while Guy was at work so she spent her days with another very special person. If you are local and need great pet care look no further than

Next stop was to pick up Sparkles. Why not get our road coffee too-so of course we met up at the best coffee shop in Utica. One I’ve spoken of before.

When I say I make an itinerary here’s exactly what my road warriors receive! It has been amended to reflect what we actually ended up doing.


Queenston Heights Restaurant

Botanical Gardens Niagara Falls No entrance fee

Arrive The Read House               3pm House reserved-Fantastic private rental through VRBO. Can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed our stay!

RoadCrew Pics 2015 - 2

No worries we hadn’t worn the shoes yet! Which were hand painted by Sparkles 12 year old very talented daughter Angelena. LOVE HER!

Stroll the town

Dinner at The Olde Irish Inn 6pm

Play “Top Girls” 8pm have tickets-if you support feminism you would have loved this one-we couldn’t wait to run out the door when it finally finished!

Dessert after the show!

Gelato di Carlotta-FAB!!!

My review:

Wednesday, August 12

Laura Secord House 10am Entrance fee $9.50 + tax (Canadian)

Wine Tour

Ravine Winery lunch here Noon-have reservations


My short but loved it review:


My review:

Thursday, August 13

Quick stop at any Dollar Tree to find the last of the frames I needed for the Make-A-Wish ball-done!

Drive to Canandaigua 11:30a-12:30pm


Macri’s Deli and Cafe (Gluten Free Menu Option!)

Sonnenberg Gardens-Wow oh Wow!

Admission $12

I will post special about Sonnenberg because it is well deserved!

It’s a grand time when you can get in your car with your besties and hit the open road. Great food, great fun and great friendship. Next job-get working on the video!

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