Newport Marketplace-treasures to be found without spending a fortune

As my friend Sandie and I were indulging in a delicious coffee at UCR this morning Sandie suggested a visit to Joann Fabrics in the New Hartford Shopping Center. Normally I would jump at the chance, despite the fact that I live less than 3 minutes from the store and I’m there so often they may soon put me on payroll. However I offered up a different expedition. Why not a trip to Newport to show Sandie one of my favorite hidden gems. Newport Marketplace.

A short drive later through some extremely beautiful countryside we arrived.

sign Newport Marketplace

The flowers alone welcome you inside

And then there are the multitude of offerings for sale.

I don’t have an image of the dresser Sandie purchased. Looks like Saturday morning will be reminiscent of those of 30+ years ago when my husband would get the dreaded call. Hi bear, I went to Newman’s Auction today! And he replies with: How many trucks will be needed today dear? Such fond memories!

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