No words for today

32 years ago on this day our world as we knew it halted. Abruptly and without warning. My dad was on a hunting trip in British Columbia with his brother and several friends. Point blank-their plane disappeared. It’s a story that has been told many times so I won’t go into lengthy detail-mainly because it’s too painful on a day like today. All to be said is, their plane was never found. Some day I’ll tell the story of how my modern day hero, my husband, was involved in the search and his harrowing experiences associated with it.

However today was a day I was able to book my oldest son Jason for two hours to come to my rescue-as he has done countless other times. Today it was to help me fix all the things I had messed up with this blog. There were other things as well, like find more space on my old laptop-which of course he did in a matter of minutes. You see he, like his grandad, has a knack for technology. They think like a computer I guess you’d say. Jason grew up in the shadow of the great man he lost at the tender age of 2. I think that loss could have been even more tragic if we didn’t keep the memory of my dads abilities and drive alive in our household. Of course a search of 12 years will do that. It keeps things in focus. Again, the story of the search is well documented and not for today’s post.

Today I just want to thank my son for coming to my rescue. Smiling all the while he was fixing every darn thing I had messed up. Sons are like that you know, they come to the rescue of their moms. That’s what makes them a part of our hearts. No matter how big they get-and my boys are big-they remain our little boys forever. Thank you Jason. I love you more than popcorn.

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