Just a day, just an ordinary day

It’s Sunday morning, it’s a gorgeous day, YES, in Utica, New York, in September. Who would believe it! We’re puttering around the house deciding what task needs to be completed when I hear my phone “quack”. I knew instantly who it was. Howard Potter-hey you guys going for coffee? He didn’t need to say where. We already knew so we answered back a quick – yes!

I was the first one on the “scene” as my hubs had to make a quick stop at the Depot. If you don’t know what the Depot is you’re not a Tallman or a friend of a Tallman. Some guys watch football. And then there’s the Tallman guys. They go to the Depot, several times a week. That would be Home Depot of course. For there is always something they need from that place. Kind of like me and JoAnn Fabrics. It’s impossible not to leave without something.

So upon arrival and getting my coffee

ucr - 1

I turn around to see this smiling face

Nick - 1

Nick. Nick Betrus. Every time I see this guy he’s smiling. Notice his shirt? Guess he’s pretty fond of UCR too. Here’s another fact about Nick, aside from being married to an awesome sweet girl named Ashley and having an adorable nearly one year old daughter, he’s a drone driver. That doesn’t mean he’s in the drone actually driving it because it’s way too small. No he operates the drone. Why did he get involved with drones? According to him it’s because he’s a guy who loves toys. And this toy is pretty amazing. Check out what they offer at upstateaerials.com

And later in the week, say any Wednesday – Saturday, make a date at The Tailor and The Cook. They’re next door to UCR. Why should you go? You mean to tell me you haven’t been there yet? Go to opentable.com and reserve your spot now! Why not just be a walk in? Because there’s a very good chance they won’t have a table available. They’re pretty much booked solid regularly. Just last week we chose The Tailor and Cook to share dinner with our baby boy and his bride.

Delicious isn’t really the right word but it’s the first one that comes to mind every time we enjoy their ever changing menu and friendly welcome. Please try it out. You won’t be disappointed. Say hi to Chef Tim-he’s likely to come to your table to make sure you are having a grand time!

And get outside to enjoy Utica. Forbes may not be fond of us. But we are!

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