Hitting the Big Apple

Odd day for this post about our forever changed mega city, New York. You’ve heard lots of people sing about, write about, and on today’s anniversary, a lot of people have cried. 9-11. September 11. The day the world stood still. For many a trip to NYC now involves a visit to the memorial and museum. Not for me. My husband, Tim, and I did visit the memorial a few years ago and that experience is something you never forget. Similar to my experience visiting Dachau in what was then known as West Germany. It was 1976 and I can still feel the dampness and hear the cries. Human beings are so many things but when they are evil we are all held in terror. Forever in many ways. But since this last visit was not so much about 9-11 but about a visit with dear friends I’ll begin again.

Took the train from Albany, NY into Penn Station. Of course it was late but fortunately we didn’t have any specific plans until our 8pm dinner reservation.

Decided to walk to our hotel. Doubletree Suites in Times Square. An easy 15 minute walk-even dragging some carry on suitcases.


Here’s a hint. It’s right on Broadway! We walked by it initially-pretty crazy for all the times we’ve been to NYC we should have known better! But no big deal! Spacious rooms for a mid town hotel. Also had a separate sitting room with a mini bar and microwave.

NYC Sept 2015 - 3

Next stop-the bar for a delicious martini! And then we see the folks that had the awesome idea to go to the Big Apple! And we’re off to dinner a few blocks away. Next to Bryant Park.


Delightful neighborhood tavern with an excellent menu and equally excellent service. Could have eaten everything on the menu!

NYC Sept 2015 - 4

Wednesday brought us each to different venues. Rammers were off to experience the 9-11 Memorial Museum. We opted for the Tenement Museum. As often as Tim and I have traveled to NYC we had never heard of the Tenement Museum. Our tour, Irish Outsiders, provided a very good glimpse into the life of the early Irish immigrants as they entered their new country. Be cautioned, if you can’t manage 5 flights of stairs or extreme temperature differences are problematic for you chose a different tour.


Our evening was a combination of both divine taste and obnoxious entertainment.  NYC Sept 2015 - 15

Traditional Italian and GOOD at that!


A short walk to the Eugene O’Neil theater followed for the main attraction.

NYC Sept 2015 - 16

Do you know anything about this play? Fortunately I had the good “fortune” to see it nearly 2 years ago during a girls post Christmas trip to the city. As I have said before it is one of the most vulgar, oft times disgusting, hilarious and wonderful musicals you’ll experience. Oh to be inside the brain of the gifted folks who come up with these incredible story lines!

How do you finish off a great day in one of the US’s greatest cities? Go to a place that will offer you song and dance while you dine on a yummy dessert!

NYC Sept 2015 - 6

Time spent with the Rammer’s is ALWAYS grand! Can’t wait to see them again in October.

A short movie made just for them!

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