Ocean Blue, Utica’s newest wonderfully wonderful restaurant

The anticipation of Ocean Blue is unparalleled to anything in our area. We all were excited about the Comets but even their arrival pales in comparison to the hype around what will become the anchor in downtown Utica. One might associate that with the sinking of a ship because so many compare our city to just that. What they fail to realize is that all cities across the globe transition with time. Where they end up is entirely the responsibility of the people the city serves. And now our little city has served us with a magnificent new eating establishment.

Discussions around many tables have been about how this newest eatery will impact the many other restaurants we have. Quite simply. It will elevate the bar. Not the drinking bar!  The bar by which we measure. In today’s social media world it is critical to address every need of every customer. One simple wrong moment can cause a firestorm of words across the devices we all now consider additional appendages. Ocean Blue has prepared itself from the beginning, fielding off the nay sayers as well as embracing the challenges they certainly faced while transforming a once deteriorating blinding eye sore in downtown Utica into a new home for patrons ready to enjoy the beauty of downtown as well as house numerous new tenants in the beautiful apartments it sits atop.

I would love to spend time inside this new soon to be favorite place with my camera and an eye toward the unusual. For now all I can offer are a few shots captured with my phone. For as anxious as I am to create a visual keepsake last night was a night for tasting and reviews. Yes it was a “soft” opening that left a powerful impact on those that were part of the test. Kudos to Ocean Blue for having the courage to open it’s doors to the community with a survey we were asked to honestly fill out before we left. Believe me when I say it was hard to find anything negative about this experience. They asked us to be critical because it is their goal to provide perfection for each and every guest. This bistro/bar/eatery is sure to help steer downtown Utica back on the path to fabulous.

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