We only borrow them…….

Children. We borrow them and then let them free. Surely not easy but part of this thing called the circle of life. Can’t you just hear Elton John singing in your head right now!


In all seriousness. Having children has been the biggest thrill ride of my life. From the first time I held my oldest child to knowing with my fourth that she would be the last of my brood. I DO remember thinking about how precious and treasured those days would be.

Have you ever heard someone say, oh you won’t know until you have one yourself? Perhaps they weren’t trying to upset you but stress to you that some things in life you won’t truly understand until you experience it yourself. Let me add that there are many people in this world who desperately wanted to have a child and through no fault of their own didn’t get the opportunity. They often become very treasured people in your children’s lives. They give them special time and attention and know all too well that children are not ours to keep.

As I have the honor and privilege of living practically next door to my grandchildren and see them nearly every day I am reminded of my blessings. I try to be sensitive to the fact that their moms and dads want to experience every moment of learning and exploration with them. We, my husband and I, adore being with them but must not smother them. This is their time with their parents. This is the time that cannot be duplicated. This is the time that their parents have borrowed them as well.

Our house was oftentimes crazy when all four of our children were young. With only 7 years between the oldest and the youngest a family of 6 means many days don’t go as planned. You learn to be flexible and make quick decisions. There are many times when you stop in your tracks and breath in the unyielding love you feel for your tots. From the time I was young myself I hoped and dreamed for a house full of kids. I was blessed to get my wish. And a day doesn’t go by that I don’t miss the insanity of my household in those days. When they each had their turn to leave the nest they took a part of my heart with them. And that’s ok. It’s my reminder that we only borrow them.

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