Fabric, fabric, fabric

How can one not love fabric? The texture, the prints, the patterns, all so lovely. I’ve always been drawn to fabric. As a young girl my mom would take me to the Boston Store in downtown Utica. My hands would swell as soon as I entered the fabric department and I didn’t care. At the time a clerk told me that fabric was then treated with formaldehyde. Not sure if that was true but today my hands are no longer affected by fabric. Glad about that but doubtful it would stop me from touching it and admiring it and ultimately buying it. Yards and yards of it.

I took to making my own tablecloths with the purchase of our very large dining room table several years ago. I bought a tablecloth initially but it was very costly and I quickly discovered I could save dramatically by making my own. And let’s be honest here, a first year sewing student could make a tablecloth. My table requires a cloth with sideseams but even that’s pretty easy to do!

So this past weekend the hubs and I flew to Myrtle Beach for the weekend to take care of some business. It was one of those extra happy flights because we went first class. First class means you can take 2 BIG suitcases per person. So we started with 2 BIG suitcases to bring the few things we needed. I knew it would be only a matter of time before they were filled. In fact it didn’t surprise me when we had to purchase a 3rd suitcase. Now not every suitcase was full of fabric. After all it was Columbus Day weekend which meant my grandkids were about to receive the mother load of new clothes. And some crocs and accessories to boot.

But this isn’t about how much fun I had shopping for clothes for my precious little grandkids. This is about FABRIC. Lots of it. I went to my top fabric store in Myrtle Beach. Fabric Showcase. http://www.fabricshowcasemb.com/ So close to our house there I could actually walk. Except that the weight of the fabric that I knew I would purchase would make the walk home very uncomfortable. What did I find?

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