Jumpin January!

Whoa! Here we are in 2016. Seems like yesterday we were ringing in the new millenium. Had a whopper of a party then! Oh what fun party memories are. And I’ve sure had a lot of them. Should have done a better job documenting them I guess. But when you’re in the planning phase of a party you’re set on what you need, whose coming, what to eat, what time, etc. I take lots of photos with every intent of posting on Pinterest and then it’s over and I just never get to it. Argh! Or, in the case of the small wedding I helped decorate the day after Christmas, you somehow lose your photos. That RARELY happens to me but it sure did this time. Fortunately there was also a photographer there who certainly did a better job of capturing the memories better than I did. I do have one photo thankfully!

Just a sample of the decorating we did

The week prior to the wedding we had a Christmas party in our home. My theme ( yes I HAVE to have a theme!) was Believe in The Magic of Christmas. Went well with my love of being a Wish Granter with Make-A-Wish. Here’s some photos of that fun day!



<a href="http://

“>Hawkhurst Productions presents our Christmas 2015 video

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