Exercise? Say What!

I found a personal trainer about 5 months before my youngest son got married. Colleen Thieme. She owns her own studio just a 2 minute drive from where I live. Of course I still struggle to be on time-wait I have just one more thing to finish before I go! Anyhoo, my first visit to Colleen went so well that I haven’t found any reason to leave her studio! She told me initially-I can’t make you taller but I can help prevent you from shrinking. Hmm, at nearly 6 foot tall shrinking a bit wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe I could finally have an eye to eye conversation with a normal size person. Back to exercise for a moment and later about height.

As much as I have enjoyed my PT I felt I needed more and maybe something in a group setting. We seem to have a gym on every corner here. People don’t just run on Dunkin, they run and run and run. Well, not me. I’m not super competitive, I’m not trying to appear younger than I am, I don’t want to have to shop for a new wardrobe to be in style at the gym. Mostly I just want to stay fit and have nice people around me. So I thought long and hard and decided to try CURVES. WOW. Who knew how much fun a gym could be! And the ladies are very friendly and down right normal looking! Some are curvy, some have all gray hair, some still look like runway models but well actually there’s only one of those. Good motivation for the rest of us! I love that it’s what they call circuit training. You’re only on a machine for 30 seconds. My attention span is that of a hummingbird so this technique really works for me.

Yesterday I was going to go to our home gym. It’s super nice too. A recumbent bike, a multi arm trainer and a floor mat. But at the last minute I checked the CURVES schedule and there was a dance and tone class at 9:30am. So after dropping my sweet granddaughter at nursery school I was there in 10 minutes. And done with my workout in 30 minutes.

So how do you know if your workout is actually working? My watch says so! My Apple watch monitors everything I do and even notifies me when I’ve completed my goals for the day. 12 hours of standing, 30 minutes of workout and 400 calories. I nearly jump to the sky when I get the message: You’ve completed all 3 of your goals for the day! WHOOP WHOOP!

Oh I said I’d talk more about height. One of the employees at CURVES is petite and said she wished she had my legs. Once I told her that long legs ain’t what it’s cracked up to be and told her why she realized that she should be grateful for what she has. Maybe I’ll do a post on what it’s really like to be tall in an average sized world-some day – but now I have to concentrate on my next goal. Getting to Ocean Blue on time to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade!


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