Long Time Gone

As so frequently happens we start an idea, enjoy it for awhile, and then it finds itself on the back shelf somewhere. Time to dust off these words and put them back into action!

What’s been keeping me from twinkling on these keys? I should respond in list form since I’m such a fan of lists but I realize that may work best for me but should anyone actually read this blog they’d feel like they were smack dab back in middle school with the cranky teacher who says-do it my way and only my way. So not to be placed in that category I think I’ll just start letting my memory bank speak-so to speak.

After months of really annoying pain in my hip I decided to call the doctor who sent me to physical therapy. The therapist diagnosed what she thought was a labral tear and so began therapy. I wonder who actually spends the amount of time daily they prescribe to do every exercise? I certainly tried, even made notes in my Ical to remind me to get it done. However while waiting for the appointment with the orthopedic doctor I was noticing that the exercise seemed to be making the pain worse and I was getting a lot of bruising in my upper thigh. Not always good for a gal whose been plagued with vascular issues.

So I arrive at Dr. LaFrance’s office (as one would expect he looks like he just graduated from high school)-can’t believe I’m old enough to be saying that now. In any case he was very kind and explained what he believed to be the issue. He agreed that an MRI was needed to pinpoint the actual problem. As I told him, I’ll do anything you tell me to do once you tell me what’s wrong with me. I’m not one to pop a pill unless there is sufficient reason to do so.

So I return to Dr. LaFrance after the MRI a few weeks later and in the interim I decided to take a different approach. Total rest. No lifting, no exercise and no deep knee bends or anything that created more pain. Low and behold the doctor says-well as you know it’s the radiologist job to find things and he has concerns about your veins in your one leg. So off for an ultrasould. Oh doc, what about the labral tear thought? Nope, you have a slight tear in your hamstring. As I mentioned earlier I will do anything you tell me to do once you tell me what’s wrong with me. So I knew then that the PT prescribed wasn’t going to be happening any longer. In fact in my mind it was the PT that aggravated the veins in my legs which are now bulging. So back to my regular doctor who says-oh lovely! You now have superficial phlebitis! Now if you’re not familiar with that one it means that those lovely support hose, named NORA’s by my friend Sandie, have to come out of storage. Nothing more fun than extra intense support hose during a heat wave! Bring out the long skirts cause here comes me dressed like a Duggar!

It’s not all bad news. I finally got in to see a new vascular surgeon. The nurse asked why I switched from who I usually go to. Well ma’am, my former doc is my age which means he’ll be retiring long before I’m done needing a vascular doctor so I’d rather make the switch now unless you think he’s leaving any time soon. Her response, no he better not be leaving, we all like him! After meeting him I too liked him. Very personable-hey no good bedside manner and I’m off that table in a mili second! I don’t care how smart you are if you can’t carry a conversation with me I’ll find someone who can. Well this doc has it all. Yes, he’s still young but I figure by the time my condition really presents it’s nasty side he’ll have lots of experience.  I had to have ultrasounds on both legs that visit-you never know how long a doctor visit will take, right? What’s 3 hours getting checked from head to toe -literally! Thankfully his ultrasound tech was fabulous. She explained what she was doing as she was doing it-so unusual nowadays! When I walked off her table I knew I had a through exam.

We ended up deciding that I only have to wear those NORA’s during long flights, long car rides or long moments of idleness. If I have a long flight, take a baby aspirin. If my leg shows signs of extreme pain or hot to the touch then get back to the doc asap.

So one could argue that I had a lot of time to write while immobile. Well, actually not because being immobile is the last thing you want to do with these amazon legs. Walking is still your best exercise. And of course I have the worlds best personal trainer. Colleen Thieme   https://www.facebook.com/Thieme-Fitness-Works-Personal-Training-Studio-255562504472101/about/?tab=page_info

She keeps my body strong and my head clear. It was a happy day I heard about her and took the chance she had an opening. I’ve been going to her ever since and I am so thankful she is in my world. She’s beautiful inside and out and totally cares about her clients. As she told me when I first met her:

“I can’t make you taller but I can keep you from shrinking”

Colleen - 1

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