Stay Summer Stay!

I love summer. About as much as popcorn and popcorn is my all time favorite thing in the world-well except for my family and well, they’re not things so yes popcorn is my all time favorite thing. Summer is right up there. From the moment summer really lands through every single day it is here I’m giddy. You’d think I’d have learned by now that summer really does happen every year. No matter how much snow the winter brings or how much rain crashes down in the spring. Summer will come, it always does.

Unfortunately it always leaves too and often too soon for my liking. It’s not that I don’t love fall, I adore fall! If only summer came after fall I’d be thrilled! So what’s a girl to do when she knows summer is coming to a close again? Enjoy every last moment, stay up as late as she can until her eyelids give out. Embrace every green leaf before it’s golden future takes hold. Have an end of summer party. Any kind of party. Anything to celebrate the gift of summer.

This was a great summer, weather wise. Each spring we sit in wonder of what we can expect. Not that it didn’t rain. Of course it did and on the one day we had a big picnic here. In fact if you want rain you can ask me to plan an outdoor affair and you can almost guarantee rain. Thankfully I like tents and little kids love to play in the rain. So a few downpours won’t dampen any party. As I say prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

So with less than a month till summer says it’s goodbye I will hold every minute of her until she walks away into fall. I will make sure to stop each day and thank her for bringing me such joy. And I will remember all the many wonderful parts of this gorgeous time of year.

Just a few highlights of what summer brought this year.

Summer Pics - 29
Thank you Jim Beha for my new pantry! A little project always turns into a bigger project in this house. I gave my guy a wine cooler for his birthday last December! Just needed to create one space in our existing pantry and voila! somehow I now have a completely new pantry.    The wine cooler? Hmm. Still not installed but no worries because it will be here – before his birthday this year!
Summer Pics - 30
Happy 9th Anniversary!
Summer Pics - 31
Saying goodbye to our Adirondack vacation
Summer Pics - 32
FDR’s home visit
Summer Pics - 33
Ralph, our great Bridgestone Sales Rep! His daughter Christie is a cancer survivor and now the face of Hyde Park. She’s a Park Ranger and does fabulous tours of all parts of Hyde Park.
Summer Pics - 35
Wild Park in Chittenango. Fantastic place!
Summer Pics - 36
Sparkly night dinner with my guy at Ocean Blue
Summer Pics - 3
Never get tired of the sunsets at Sylvan Beach
Summer Pics - 34
Happy 60th birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends Per
Summer Pics - 7
Daddy Daughter
Summer Pics - 8
My little buddy being silly with me
Summer Pics - 9
Yes we are patriotic
Summer Pics - 10
Love you mom
Summer Pics - 11
Team Tallman!
Summer Pics - 12
Melissa Kehler. My inspiration for all things possible 
Summer Pics - 13
An awesome weekend with the Rammers!
Summer Pics - 14
Me and my guy
Summer Pics - 15
Picnic in the park, aka the Tallman Compound with Max Scialdone keeping us musically fit
Summer Pics - 16
Love these sweeties!
Summer Pics - 17
Me and my baby girl
Summer Pics - 18
Max the musician is amazing!
Summer Pics - 19
Gigi at the picnic with my baby boy
Summer Pics - 20
Boilermaker 2016
Summer Pics - 21
Our gal Liz ran her first Boilermaker and we are so proud!
Summer Pics - 22
Bye bye pool-the project has finally begun!
Summer Pics - 23
Summer Pics - 24
Cromer’s are back-YAY!!
Summer Pics - 25
Our pool project manager 
Summer Pics - 26
Happy 2nd Anniversary!
Summer Pics - 27
First time blooming in 2 years
Summer Pics - 28
Happy 10th Anniversary!
Summer Pics - 1
My Uncle JC and family. Making music on the mountain in Virginia
Summer Pics - 2
My little boy made it to the concert!
Summer Pics - 4
A wonderful weekend in Niagara on the Lake with Carol and Joe
Summer Pics - 5
Love my guy
Summer Pics - 6
My lifetime bestie Mary Rose
Summer Pics - 37
Happy Surprise Amanda! Howard sure does love you girl!

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