Political Rantings of a non-millennial

I’ve been on this planet for nearly 59 years now. At times I’ve engaged in the gibberish of politics but more often than not I’ve been a so called wall flower. I sit on the sidelines contemplating participating but then make the choice to just watch. Now I’m by no means a historian or one who can pull facts from their memory banks quickly but I do know one thing. This country is more than just one person. Regardless of who wins this years presidential election one thing is true. On November 9th I’ll be no happier than I was on November 8th. Sadly one of the two most pathetic candidates are going to win. It will be a mournful day in our beautiful country.

We may need one industrial size box of bandaids but we will survive.

Let’s take a look at both of the leading candidates. I say leading because the 3rd party individuals don’t stand a chance. I applaud them for their tenacity but we all know our political system will not allow them to stand a chance in winning. Aint’ gonna happen, no way, no how.

So moving on.

Donald Trump. Initially he was pure entertainment. “I’m the best.” “I’m the most popular.” “I got the most votes.” Lots of folks wanted to jump on the Trump Train. Many have stayed on for the wildest ride I’ve seen in politics in years. He’s outspoken although he’s not a great speaker when he’s in front of a large group. He continually repeats himself and not always with anything that is fact based.

I decided to read up a bit on this odd guy on Wikipedia and from they say he sure does love to sue!I think it’s pretty obvious he adores attention as he’s always front and center in the media.

He’s had 2 failed marriages and several questionable relationships with women-some while married. So he’s not going to win husband of the year in the eyes of many. Seems like several of his children idolize him. Is that because they really do admire him or because of what he’s able to do for them? Hmmm.

As for his business dealings he’s definitely mastered the art of using the system we currently have in order to forgo paying some taxes. Sinister or intelligent?

Would I have him to dinner in my home? If nothing else it would be an evening of entertainment. We do have something in common! I don’t drink wine and neither does he! For completely different reasons so maybe we could discuss that. I do play dominos and I wonder if he would partake in a game to test his skills? I think my husband would be a good choice to have a conversation with him. They both love the game of business but my husband has mastered the art of being a faithful husband and that’s something Donald has no understanding of.

And then there’s the woman. Hillary Clinton. I say the woman because one might think we should be excited that there’s a potential for the first woman president. She’s does get some points for endurance. With Bill that is. She’s lived with a womanizer for nearly 40 years. Now I understand her drive to be at the top. I understand her interest in wanting to make history by being the first woman president. What I don’t get and will never understand is how she has stayed with a pathetic excuse for a husband. You can’t tell the world you support women’s rights while continuing to live with a man who obviously has no respect for you. Politics aside, where’s your head woman?! Let me ask you this, if your daughter came to you and told you that her husband did what your husband did, would you advise her to stay with him? How about your granddaughter? Are you hoping that when she grows up she throws her self-respect out the window and will stay with any man that abuses her commitment to him just so she can remain in a powerful position? This is the number one reason I can’t support Hillary. She has no self-respect. All the other issues aside, The Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, deleted emails, etc., pale in comparison in my humble opinion.

Hey I live a very comfy life thanks to my husband’s drive and determination to provide well for his family. But I can assure you that if my husband chose infidelity over his vows to me he’d be sitting pretty on the side of the road. His affiliations have provided me with amazing experiences and first class travel. But I’ll gladly take a one bedroom apartment and give up the glamorous life I have if I don’t have a husband who takes marriage for the commitment it is.

If I had her at my dinner table what would I talk about with her? Again, I’d ask her to explain why she has no regard for herself. Is the power so important that she can ignore all else?

Here’s what I believe these grotesque candidates have in common. They are a true reflection of the world we live in currently. Anything goes. The American people have taken their first amendment rights to a whole new level. Just look around you. Few care what they look like. Few care what comes out of their mouths. Few believe that sometimes it’s better to say nothing than to speak and use the excuse that I live in the United States of America and I can do and say whatever I want.

I just said what I wanted. And again, on November 9th I won’t be doing a happy dance. We’re going to have to live with one of the two most disgusting and pathetic excuses of presidential candidates the likes of which this country hasn’t seen in many years. I’m off to get a case of bandaids.

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