Where does the time go?

So I see it’s already been several months since I’ve posted anything! Why? I dunno-it’s seems like the days fly by faster than the Thunderbirds!

We started a major, MAJOR, building project last AUGUST! What could be more major than the original home renovation we did 20 years ago in our beloved old farmhouse? How about a new pool? Not so bad right? Well not really except we decided we would build a room around it. Not just a room. But a 3000 square foot addition. This includes a most necessary mechanical room of course. And let’s throw in the Bath House. That would be a powder room, 2 shower rooms and a laundry room. Oh and since we think this is so fun let’s add a bar and back storage room. Storage room doesn’t sound like much fun but considering it will soon house 3-4 rolling cars so our adult children and their families have a place to store all their “stuff” that part of the project is actually quite exciting.

Why? Because I don’t like “stuff” laying around. I think things belong in a place of their own. Maybe I have a tad bit of OCC, I dunno! But I do think that if we ever finish this amazing project there will definitely be a place for everything!

Oh and I like a place for everything outside too so there will be seating for 16 in the picnic area of the outdoor space. That will be Polywood as I just can’t stand the thought of carrying one more piece of furniture into storage when our winter begins-generally the day after Labor Day! Of course we may not get summer this year as it’s June 3 and the high on Tuesday may not even reach 60.

Are you beginning to understand our thoughts behind building an indoor pool? Yup, summer here is basically 2 weeks some years. But we are about to pinch Mother Nature with an I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO TO US! We have bountiful water and lots of water in the pool to swim in. So all is right with the world!

Photos? Videos of the project? In the words of my most magnificent personal trainer, friend and confident: Eventually!

Go in peace my friends!

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