Sailing into the 60’s

Last year about this time I was in the car on a paper crafting road trip. Our final destination was Orlando where my passenger would be flying home and I would be picking up my daughter for a mini holiday. As my friend and I were in the car for several days it was the perfect opportunity to discuss party themes for my upcoming 60th birthday.

Oh the fun we had tossing ideas around! We finally came up with the idea of a sailing party. Not on the water but on an imaginary cruise ship aptly named the CC Tallman. Once we had established the theme the hilarity began. We would give each guest a persona to come as. Each character would also have a back story as to who they were. Here’s the list of names we came up with:

Walt Sing

Felicity Foxwell

Otto Sight

Candy Cain

Allen Rench

Minnie Skurt

Owen Cash

Anita Bath

Kami Cotler

Isabel Ringing

Avery Wiseman

Daren N. Daghin

Paige Turner

Frank Lee Abore

Hazel Nutt

Abel Anready

Ivanna Tinkle

Bo Wire

Crystal Ball

Duncan Disorderly

Inspector Clueless

Rob Banks

Helen Wheels

Doctor Sumey

Meagan A. Mess

Captain Canoe

Jack Daniels

Now I was the birthday girl but also the Cruise Director-for the first part of the evening. I chose to go as my alter ego-Mitzy. The hilarity was to begin the moment guests began to arrive. Once all were assembled and had cocktails in hand it was time for-what else but? The Muster Drill! With swim noodles and air horns in hand Mitzy instructed the cruisers that should we have any emergencies while sailing they should be ready with their noodles-although there certainly weren’t enough so they might have to share!

With a great band to keep the tunes going , Max Scialdone and Kelly, everyone was quickly in the party spirit. I’d hired one of my favorite caterers, A Moveable Feast, to keep everyone filled with goodies. And no one let me down.

After the Muster Drill Mitzy disappeared and returned a short time later as The Princess of Hawkhurst Manor, arriving in the nick of time for the departure via the golf cart!

There was dancing, there was crazy antics, there was fun every moment of this magical evening. My BIG birthday was everything I dreamed it to be. I tried to place links to the many items I used for the party. Enjoy the crazy!

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