A Little About Me

Why oh why try this thing called blogging?

I love technology or should I say I love using my laptop, Ipad, Iphone or anything else electronic that allows me to express myself. What I really like is the ability to use my photography and love of videography to tell my stories. I have a terrible memory so I learned a long time ago that taking photos allows me to reflect upon my life and remember special moments or events. So here goes!

Holding Penelope

I love babies, especially all of my grandbabies! Here’s my newest peanut, Penelope-what a spectacular name! And she is spectacular – just like all my grandbabes. Molly, Emily, Andrew, Liam and little P.

I love flowers. Especially daisies


Like most people I also love music. Most everything BUT heavy metal, rap and stuff that doesn’t sound good.


Love it so much my husband gave me a popcorn machine. If you’re new to me as a friend or a family member you’ll learn that I will share anything with you. Except my popcorn. There are exceptions and if you know me well you’ll know what those exceptions are. That being said if popcorn were an illegal drug I would be in prison for life. That’s how much I love popcorn.

Popcorn Machine - 1

My family.

I love them more than popcorn. That should pretty much explain to you how I feel about them.

Here are my kids when they were little ones:

Can you guess who is who now? Pretty sure you can find Elizabeth but how about the boys?

Jason - 1Cale - 1Ian - 1Elizabeth - 1

My grandbabies.

My girls that have become my daughters.

My friends. I don’t have all my peeps in this photo but I sure was happy to snap one of so many at Ian and Brenda’s wedding last summer!

Great Group of Friends

See the lovely woman in the dress with the bold red flowers. That’s Mary Rose. We’ve known each other our entire life. Yes, since we were born. Her husband John missed this snapshot! Unless he was the one that took it?! I don’t remember. Weddings are like that. They are so full of joy and energy that you just can’t remember everything. What you do remember is how thankful you are that your child found their partner for life. Yes in our family we strongly believe in life partnerships.           The guy with the khakis and blue shirt, that’s my brother from another mother. Per. He too has been in my life forever and I am so grateful. Well, since I’m pointing everyone out let me finish! Per’s wife Jeanne is in the coordinating blue dress. They are a very smart couple, in oh so many ways. Jeanne is talented in so many ways I’d need a book to tell you about her.                     On the far left you’ll find our Tennessee connection. Although Steve and Peggy were both originally from Montana they have lived all over the US, thanks to a stellar career Steve has had with Bridgestone/Firestone-which is how we came to meet them. They are two of the kindest and most sincere folks you will ever meet. Let’s continue! Standing in the way back are Guy and Sandie. I could thank the world over and over again for the day they moved in around the corner from us. From being my Book Club buddy to my adventure travel companion, Sandie is the best. And so is her hubs Guy. See the beauty in the bold red dress, that’s Carol-with her hubs of 40+ years by her side. Carol and Joe moved to our area from Doylestown, PA many years ago and we had the good fortune to become friends with them and their boys (now grown of course!). They have since moved several more times but now are settled in Colorado where Joe retired from Lockheed Martin. We travel with them everywhere and I count the days till I see their van pull up in our driveway every summer. And last, but never least there’s Jerry and Diane Wood. Through a series of unexpected events we partnered with Jerry in a local business venture. He too was originally from Doylestown! Now he and Tim are best buddies. There are more folks that aren’t in this photo but the point is that it’s those around you that make you the happiest. This was a spectacular day and one we will all treasure for sure.

My list for what I love is pretty extensive but my most important love is the guy who has been with me for 35+ years.

Tim - 1

We have a pretty unique story but that’s too long to place here so I’ll get to it in a regular blog post soon. But, he’s my favorite guy and always will be.

Since my motto is I Sprinkle Happy I’ll keep this to what I like and love instead of what I don’t like. You can be sure though that there will be some posts about what irks me.

Wish Granter - 1

See the picture I’m holding in this photo? That’s what I do. And I love it!

I began my journey with Make-A-Wish in 2010. Initially I traveled to the office in Syracuse (home to Make-A-Wish Central New York) to volunteer as an office helper. My idea was to find out what these folks were all about and if they were truly sincere about their mission. What is their mission you ask?

“We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions

to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.”

Are they sincere? You betcha! Although there are about 250 volunteers who gladly give their time there are also 9 unbelievably dedicated staff members who don’t know how to tell time, don’t know how to say ” I can’t”, and will do anything to make a wish come true for our kids. They rock!

Read about them here:


And now 5 years later, and more than 40 wishes under my belt I continue to be amazed by the kids we serve. In the words of the musician Gary Allan, “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful But it’s a Beautiful Ride” truer words were never said from a Wish Granter’s perspective. We can’t change the hands these kids were dealt but we can make magic with what we have been dealt and magic is what we do. And so many creative wishes from these tenacious kids. From exploring Australia to meeting famous folks like Travis Pastrana and Dora the Explorer.

And now you’re asking yourself should I get involved? Is there something I can do as well? Here’s how to find out!


So why “I Sprinkle Happy“?

Not too long ago I stopped in a friends shop, A & P Master Images


(they’re amazing by the way and I’ll tell you about them later!). I was probably telling them a story about one of my wishes when Amanda (co-owner with her husband Howard) said: “I want your job, you go around and sprinkle happy all day” A light went off in my tiny little brain and I told her I thought she had come up with something great. After some investigation it was discovered that no one had tagged that line or used it as a domain name.

Jump ahead to today and it’s now the name of my blog. It’s also on my bag I use for meeting new wish families as well as being on a shirt I had Amanda’s company logo for me.

(I won’t forget to give you the scoop on her company-patience!)

Make-A-Wish Foundation

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