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Flowers Make Me Happy on Facebook and Pinterest

When you love flowers as much I do you are often drawn to any and all things flowers.

Another nifty thing about the Facebook application for Flowers Make Me Happy is the links it often provides for other interesting things.

paint with rubber band

Who knew that a rubber band could help ease the task of painting?

Check here for more ideas

Blue Apron

Blue Apron - 1
Imagine reducing your trips to the grocery store by 50%. That’s what I’ve done. I sit down in my cozy kitchen, laptop open, and check out what’s on the menu. I can either chose the 2 or 4 person plan based on several factors. Will I be cooking for more than 2 next week? What looks good to me? Currently I tend to order the family plan more often because I like what’s on the menu and if we have leftovers, because there were no guests, we have dinner ready to heat up the next night! The step by step directions make it super simple for anyone to make a meal. Can’t say enough great things about this concept!


Our first Apple product, a Mac Plus, entered through the front door of our home about 1991. Our eldest son Jason, about 10 at the time, was drawn to it like a bee to honey. It became his confident, buddy, and all around passion. Fast forward to today and everyone in our family uses Apple products to keep us connected. I have many favorite features but I would say my most favorite is IMovie. I absolutely adore making movies with this magnificent application. Here is part one of Christmas 2014’s family movie. BTW- Hawkhurst Productions is something I came up with years ago when I first was learning how to make movies. The name Hawkhurst was initially discovered on an old photograph of our home, Hawkhurst was on the barn that used to be behind our circa 1830 farmhouse. More on that story later!

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